PTS (Power Trading Solutions)


Dashboard:Its ease of handling will surprise you no end. Not only can a client check his/her current bank balance, you can also check the  last amount paid. The menu range includes options like mode of payment, IEX detail & portfolio id. Other cutting-edge features include get buy/sell option, NOC details & registration validity. A key component is the graphic representation of cleared energy for the last seven days at the IEX.

Place New bid: WE have thought through most things for making it simple to  place your bid. You have the option to select, either of the exchanges, IEX/PXIL. You also have the option to select a single or block bid. In addition to this, you have the choice to place bid for future trading date.

No bid: There may be days when placing a bid may not be a feasible or viable option. At such times, you have the exclusive option to choose the day on which you do not want to place a bid

Market price:By keeping a tab on the market price, you stay empowered 24X7. This exciting feature gets you the details for the last seven days. You also get to check the minimum average & maximum clearing process of IFEX & PXIL for client area. This feature is both client-specific and area-specific. For example a client situated in N2 region will be able to see the clearing price of IEX and PXIL for N2 only. As an add-on you get a graphical representation of last seven days clearing price of both IEX and PXIL.

Payment details:This is an extremely user-friendly interface. You have the option to select either of the exchanges IEX/PXIL, and then select the type of bid you want to place. All the features of REC Bidding would also be available on PTS.